The True Story or Lies of Ben Carson?



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Ben Carson wasn’t always the great man who people see today. When Carson was a boy he was very angry and was involved in things like beating people with a baseball bat, throwing rocks and stabbings. Carson thinks that these acts were because of ” pathological anger”. He did things like punching a classmate in the face with a lock wrapped around his wrist, he also chased his mother with a hammer over an argument about clothes. Carson admitted when he was 14 living in San Francisco he wanted to kill somebody. He took a knife and stabbed his friend so hard in the stomach that the blade broke. Some friends and relatives have said that they have no memory of Carson ever acting like that, or being so angry. Most people that CNN interviewed said they did not remember anything happening like how Carson described it, but also didn’t challenge the stories because they don’t know what happened behind closed doors.

Cnn was unable to confirm anything Carson said about his actions when he was younger. Carson says he didn’t want to be specific with the people who would have known about his action, and put them out there without their knowledge. This is kinda hard to believe though because CNN interviewed people who have known Carson since elementary school.

When CNN reminded Carson that they interviewed many people from his past from elementary school through high school, Carson then stated the only people who would know of his actions would be the victims themselves. His response to all of this was that he was generally a nice person, and unless you were a victim to his anger then you would have no reason to know about his actions.

I think Carson is lying about his actions as a child, to get the vote of young adults who may face the same anger problems and who also might be the streets fighting just because. I think lying about his actions is just going to make fewer people vote for him. He’s looking for votes in the wrong ways. Its important to be able to trust the candidates who are running for any type of office. Some ways to make sure you can trust the candidates is by making sure they can back up what they say with facts or proof of anything.