The Strong Latino Vote.

Latino Voters, GOP, Send a Message, political cartoon


Latino Voters, GOP, Send a Message, political cartoon


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The number of eligible Latino voters in America has never been higher but will the turnout for this 2016 Presidential election year reflect the strong Latino voice in America?

In the link below are 8 key facts about the Latino voter in America. We are hard working  and responsible people but our voice has not been heard as loudly as possible. All the latino citizens who are eligible to vote should do it. At this time a lot of the latinos who are eligible to vote are more prepared and educated than ever before.  We are the new young voters who are attending school with the hopes of making life easier and better for ourselves and our families.

Many say the Latino turnout could be low in this election but it will be higher than ever before in American history.  This is because of the new young voters who are standing up against the negative attitudes of Donald Trump.  If you were to give advice on how to encourage more Latinos to vote what would it be? We have the right to decide who can be the next president. Who do we want to lead us?  Who will appreciate our hard work the most? In this country if we have something to say just say it.

Key facts about the Latino vote in 2016


What is the value of having a good representation of all citizen groups in America on election day?

How do citizens become eligible to vote and how do they know where to go?

At first they have to be citizen to vote. To be able to find a place to vote you can go online to the site listed above and type your address and it will tell you where to go.

Do we need immigration reform in America? Latinos are seeking to contribute to society.  We just need to be legally recognized for the work that we do. With our divided government real immigration reform is not going to be possible. If we get permission to work that’s going to help us a lot.

For more information on the immigration issue in this election go here: