The Tragedy of Broken Families


msr sergio

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On October 10, 2015 a child of 8 years was accused of killing a baby of one year old by beating her while their mother was in a nightclub in Birmingham, Alabama. The mother of the baby Katerra Lewis was accused of negligent homicide in the case. The lieutenant Sean Edwards said in a press conference that the sadness was that the mother had the audacity to leave alone the little baby with other children and not one of them were older than eight years old.

It is believed that while while the mother and her friend were in the club the child of eight years old attacked brutally the one year old because the baby did not stop to crying. The little baby suffered head trauma, and damage to organs, that led her to die. The police concluded that Lewis and her friend left their children alone from 11 PM to 2 AM. When they went back home, they did not check the children. Hours later Lewis found her without any sign of life in the crib, so she called the police. The Jefferson County Coroner determined that the death was a crime.

It is so sad to know how many unlovely people exist in the world. Human beings can make big mistakes and when it cost the life of a child it is so tragic. Children need to feel love from their parents, and parents have to make sure how important they are for them. When parents have children, they have to take and  pay attention to them because they could get upset. I have met many children in this world very depressed because their parents beat them and did not talk to them. They feel useless and without importance. This causes bad thoughts in children minds that do not go away when they become adults.  Unfortunately family neglect and abuse is often the cause of violent crimes. Parents who prefer to go to a night club instead take care of their child are making a choice that it opposite of love.  I think they do not even love themselves but are running from themselves.  If they do not love their own self then they can not love  even their own blood in their family and children.  Fixing a broken society begins with fixing broken families and providing healthy family support for those who do not have it.