The Tragedy of Child Abuse

The Tragedy of Child Abuse


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A woman in Prince William County was arrested this month after stabbing her 3 month old child that wouldn’t stop crying.  Another family member called 911, the child was sent to the Emergency Room with life threatening injuries.  Some adults don’t understand child development, and don’t know how to handle children when they are upset.  Emotional control is a skill that every parent needs. The woman was not given bail and its not said if she has a lawyer or not. This is a tragedy for all involved but at least the child will live.

I do not understand how a person could hurt a baby for crying, this shows the lack of emotional control and poor mental health of some people, even when it comes to their own crying babies.  I think this goes back to the mental heath issue, that we need more research.  Child development classes should be offered and taught to all expecting mothers and fathers.  I do not understand how anybody can harm a child for something babies naturally do when tired, hungry, upset, or need a diaper change.

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