The Truth About Ebola

The Truth About Ebola


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In this week’s address President Obama talked about Ebola and how America is going to respond to this new disease that originally started in West Africa and recently transferred to America. The President’s plan is to prevent the spread of Ebola here in American soil as well as west Africa and neighboring countries in danger. He also makes it clear that the country isn’t facing an outbreak of the disease that in fact our scientist have informed us that Ebola is difficult to catch, it is only transmitted through contact of body fluids of someone who is showing symptoms of the disease. This messege president Barack Obama, send out to america was met to avoid chaous within the country and to inform american citizens the facts about ebola.


There’s is one thing that is certain Ebola; it creates fear!.  Some reasonable fear exists and most is irrational fear.  It is all getting out of hand with so many people worrying about being infected with Ebola. The biggest fear is facing an outbreak here in the United States, but after reading this article I became more educated about the topic and learned that Ebola is in fact is hard to get, and is only transmitted through body fluids and sexual intercourse. Our healthcare programs in West Africa shouldn’t be aborted yet; we should keep helping the people in Africa with caution and end the problem where it started. I believe countering this disease where it began it’s the best way to minimize the issue or once and for all end it