The two sides of the coin!



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In North Carolina, an officer was recorded slamming a young girl. The student is fifteen years old and she suffered a concussion. Her mother Desiree Harrison told reporters, “That’s not how you handle a child. She’s only 100 pounds. He could’ve killed her.”

Here is another news about an officer “attacking” the student, but do you ever think what they done to deserve this kind of  treatment? If students decide to follow the orders  of what the officer says to do this loss of emotional control may have easily been avoided . We only watch in this short video a small part of what really happened.  Imagine if the only view of our parents were when they were angry with us. The media will always show anger and overreaction because it draws attention.  What does this do to our respect for authority?

 We can only appreciate the side of the victim but we don’t know how this problem started or why this officer had to use force against this girl. Sometimes the officers can lose their self control in their emotions because they are human beings like you and me. Furthermore, they have also to think about their own self safety.      

We have to know the whole history.  America is a place where all should remain innocent until proven guilty.  Emotional news footage causes emotional overreaction by all and it distorts the truth. I am not justifying the reaction that the officer had against this student. I think they need to have special training to know how to control their emotions. Unfortunately we have all seen these kind of situations many times in the last few years. The system must be equal to judge everybody because only in this way is justice going to prevail.