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Another Day

Another Day is a book by the author David Leviathan. The protagonist Rhiannon is a sweet girl who has a boyfriend (Justin) who treats her so bad. One morning, she notices Justin is very gentle and sweet to her. Justin is the person she loves, and that day in the morning was special for her because Justin was acting completely different. They decided to go to the beach. While they were in the beach, Rhiannon notices that her boyfriend was unbelievably special to her. She could feel an inexplicable feeling that day. Then, she realized that day she didn’t share with Justin, but A. A is a person or spirit who awakes up in different bodies every day. He can wake up in a body of a woman or a man. When A told her the day on the beach was him and not Justin, she couldn’t believe was going on, but A explained toher everything about him.

In this book Another Day, Rhiannon shows her point of view; however, if you want understand the story better, you should read Every Day to see A’s point of view. While I read this book, I could figure out it could be possible to fall in love with a spirit or a soul.  In this book you will find many interesting things about feeling. Also, you could see how Rhiannon learned a lot things about A. She noticed how hard life is for other people while she shared time with A. A explained that each day and character was a challenge for him. Some days he is a lovely person, a pretty girl or a handsome boy, but some days he is fat or blind. People observe and judge him by how he looks outside without seeing inside of him. People compared him with others if he is short, black, white, etc. The author in this book showed that the feeling is more important than the appearance. Reading the story in Rhiannon’s point of view really showed that.

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