The Victim becomes the Criminal

The Victim becomes the Criminal


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A man faces manslaughter charges in  New York from the district attorney’s office in Huntington Station. Youssef Abdel-Gawad  claims he was protecting his family when he killed Jazzmen Bryant, who entered Mr. Abdel-Gawad’s property with four others in a robbery attempt.

One of the five men that tried to break into the house had a gun as they attempted to force their way through the front door, a local CBS News affiliate reported. The suspect then fired his weapon toward the sliding glass door, sending Mr. Abdel-Gwad to grab a shotgun in self defense.  He and his two brothers chased the suspect from the porch.  Mr. Adbel-Gwad returned fire as the five suspects ran, hitting Jazzmen Bryant.

Prosecutors say Youssef Abdel-Gawad broke the law, because he shot and killed the suspect in the back while he was fleeing and outside the home.  What do you think? Was justice served?

The victim became the criminal, because his deadly action of self-defense was seen as unnecessary.  I would agree with the defense of Mr. Adbel-Gawad if he was inside his property exchanging fire with the suspects.   Instead, prosecutors say that he shot him in the back, outside his property when the suspect was running away. I would like to know others opinion about this case because to kill a man is a very serious act.  What would you do in a similar situation?