The White House is using money to build the wall that will end NAFTA.



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President Donald trump is requesting money to start building the wall on the border of Mexico but he is requesting the  US Congress not Mexico. He also wants money to hire more officers and also they want to extend the funding for detention and deportation. I think that the President’s policy will just waste the money on the wall because people are smart and I know that they will  find a new way to come to the United States.

I think that instead of wasting money on the wall he should help poor people that need help.  Immigrants are people who want to have a better life,  They want to be educated and they cannot because they don’t have the money to pay for the school or they don’t have the safety in their home country. I think that he should use the money to make the country better.

He will not make the country better if he is making decisions that in the future he probably will regret. By deporting all immigrants he will not do anything better because the immigrants have a lot to do with economy. If he deports all the immigrants the economy will come down.

Migrant Farm Workers Are the Backbone of the Agricultural Industry
Migrant immigrant workers are the “backbone” of the agricultural industry in America.

Migrant Farm Workers and Unfair Labor Practices

The wall will be hard to build and will cost a lot of money. It will cost between $13 billion to $21 billion.  The phrase the he said that he wants is to “make America great again”.  I think that America has always struggled at becoming great.

We should always look for progress from our history and move in that direction.  If we go back instead of forward then we go back to a history of racism like it was against the African American people because of their color and against any of the newest groups of immigrants and against the natives who were here first.  If we build the wall we will need immigrants to help him build the wall because he will not do it.

The debate over immigration is also a debate over North American Free Trade Agreement and President Trump has said that NAFTA is a “disaster”.

USA-Mexico wall
-Excellent resume, but you seem to have more experience digging tunnels!