The World Wide Schism

The World Wide Schism


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Why is the world divided?

Why do we have nations? Are they necessary?

Does the vehement attachment to belief systems prevent progress and unity?

Is humanity better off working as a whole?

Is freewill protected? How often does it get violated?

Is it possible to make Earth a utopia?

Is there a solitary “utopic” system that can satisfy the needs of everyone and  allow total free will?

Should there be any “system”?

Can anarchy work if its peaceful and cooperative?

These are all critical questions you should ask yourself before reading this.

Obviously the world is greatly divided. America for instance, has allies, adversaries, and nations their neutral with. Even between allies many political, economical, and cultural differences exist. Belief system dichotomies are normal and beneficial, however, if they interfere with progress, they instantly become detrimental. Peace, freedom, and survival are all imperative to humanity. Together, they constitute order, order is essential. Currently, there is an imbalance in all the categories of order. For example, ISIS believes all those who don’t adhere to their ideology have no right to exist. ISIS is a threat to global peace, freedom, and survival. Exterminating ISIS’ radical ideology will restore order marginally, there is more work to be done.

America and other 1st world countries are quite affluent when compared with 2nd and 3rd world countries. These countries are more destitute and primitive because Earths non-renewable resources are perpetually being “hogged” by the more “powerful” countries. Why should there be competition for these resources? Is it possible to share and equally distribute these resources between countries somehow? Ideally that is possible and would be successful if greed were to not exist. As long as greed is in the picture, most societal ideals become impossible. Greed, on all levels, is prevalent on Earth. Greedy behavior is obtained via conditioning, usually conditioning takes place at during ones youth. Young individuals are very suggestible at that age, hence why they are the most important years of your life. There are many people who were able to eliminate greedy behavior by practicing altruism. The solution for greed is simple, but it requires everyone to collectively participate. By understanding that the Earth has enough resources for everyone: war, violence, and hate are rendered unnecessary.

Once greed is eliminated and humans create an environment that is conducive to altruism and peace, earth is restored to its original utopic state. Ive heard arguments about how anarchy is the solution to oppression, war and violence. In an anarchist society, violent crimes become more facile since there is no entity or institution to counteract violence and disorder. I am not suggesting that institutions are absolutely necessary for peace, there are many alternatives. Ideally, humans wouldn’t even commit crimes since they would see no purpose in doing so. Anarchy will simply provide more opportunities for malicious people to come into power. Its a counterproductive solution.

Unity is an essential element for an entire species to survive. Before any great progress can be made, yours and others differences, ideas, and beliefs should be respected and released. Once a foundation of respect is built and once we let go of our personal prejudices, greater things can be accomplished. In the end most countries are striving for the same goal; peace. Now obviously here are many variations of peace, but peace is longed for nonetheless. The grand illusion most of us have fallen for is that we are all separate due to our differences. Separation is really just a perception. There is evidence supporting both of those perceptions (duality vs unity). Logically, which perception is the most productive? Is it more productive to not cooperate with people who don’t share the same ideas as you? Although I am a proponent of unity and worldwide cooperation, I also support those who disagree. They have a right to strive and preach for whatever ideal they believe. Its not about whose right or wrong, its all about finding truth. yoyyo