The Worldwide Crime of Rape; Stay Aware



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An American woman is seeking justice after being drugged and raped by a group of men in her five-star New Delhi hotel room. This happened on April 9. She was a member of a tour group. She said that she was given something to drink and India police are investigating. New Delhi has an ugly reputation when it comes to the safety of women.

The alleged rape took place in the woman’s hotel room in one of the capital’s most popular tourist spots. Some 34,651 rapes were reported in India in 2015, but many experts believe the cases recorded are only a small fraction of the number of crimes committed, especially in a country where rapes can be perceived as deeply shameful for the victim and her family.

Here is more on the global comparison of punishment for rape convicts:

In this world it seems there is more crimes than help but there is always help. This is really sad for me because this increases the fears of this world and affects the ability of people to travel freely. I whish there is a way to stop the tragedies like this one so people don’t live with fear. Crimes exist in the whole world and we all know that but crimes like this; its the worst thing for a woman. The feeling of helplessness is strong.

 Government data shows 95% of rapes in 2015 were committed by people known to their victims.


Here is some useful advice on how to prevent a potential rape:



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