This war must end


Ukraine’s army and civilian population are putting up a fierce fight, with support and weapons from NATO and the European Union. Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution celebrates their valor and resolve by visually echoing the famous World War II photograph of U.S. Marines raising the U.S. flag over Iwo Jima.

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The war in Ukraine has been a tragedy. Inspectors from the International Atomic Agency went to Southern Ukraine to see the terror that awaited them in Zaporizhian Nuclear Power Station during a dangerous war. It was the inspectors first time in the particular nuclear power plant. Never before had they seen anything like this horror that awaited them in Southern Ukraine. In recent months, shells have penetrated through the roofs of essential support buildings, and wildfires have threatened the plant’s power lines.

Since the month of March, The plant has been enemy-occupied by Russian forces, & had a skeleton crew of Ukrainian Workers. Which means just enough workers to keep a service going.  Twenty one minute footage from security cameras reveals that Russian forces repeatedly fired large quantities of ammunition in the direction of the plant’s massive reactor buildings, which housed dangerous nuclear fuel. One wrong move could have led to an explosion.

Just two days ago on September 11th 2022, the final reactor was shut down to prevent potential disaster. There needs to be an ending in this war. Too many people are getting dragged into this war without any positive end in sight & it needs to stop. Many families are being torn apart. Many lives are being lost.


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