Time wasted

Time wasted


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In Indiana, a woman named Destiny Hoffman might be suing the county that held her in jail after she served more than 100 extra days in jail. She was sentenced to 2 days in jail after she failed a drug test which violated her drug court program. But she ended up spending five months incarcerated. The judge told Clark County Sheriff’s Department to keep Hoffman “until further notice of the court.” She was also supposed to go under evaluation but the court order never came through so she stayed in jail. Hoffman was finally let go after a Clark County Deputy Prosecutor started looking through old case files and came across hers. Her incarceration is being viewed as unlawful and could result in a civil suit.


I agree that this is an unlawful act. After two days she should have been let out.  If they had a legitimate reason to keep her they needed to explain that and keep her aware.   Five months is completely absurd. She served her sentenced and stayed almost half a year longer. I believe Ms. Hoffman should sue for that unlawful act.