6 Thoughts On Hamlet: To Be Depressed or Move To Action


Hamlet’s Ophelia


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I believe that the only reason for Hamlet’s procrastination was because he wanted to make sure that the king was truly evil before reacting. Hamlet procrastinated by not killing the king when he returned from Britain. I think that by Hamlet not immediately reacting he gave the king more time to set up a plan for his own demise. I also think that Hamlet was well aware of what he was risking by not immediately taking action against the king and was indeed planning the whole time a good way to confront the king.

tumblr_m1mdaiYTwT1qlt9mlo1_500I think Hamlet suffered from depression because of his father being killed, his best friends betraying him and planning his murder in Britain, and his mother betraying his father by marrying his uncle, as he compares his perception of his uncle being a very evil and corrupt man and his father being an honorable and respectable man. I think because of the depression that Hamlet was feeling it made it very for him to show affection towards women because of his perception mother.

I think because of the trauma that Hamlet endured, losing a father made his expectations for others loyalty higher. Hamlet valued family and loyalty, and I think he perceived his uncle marry his mother as an act of disloyalty on both parts and his uncle being responsible for death of his father made him have a great feeling of resentment towards others. The resentment concluded in the death of others who were close to him like his mother and Ophelia.

To Be Depressed or Move to Action, That Is The Question

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