Too Much For A 10 Year Old

This ultrasound image shows about 22 weeks.

This ultrasound image shows about 22 weeks.


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On Sunday, May 10th, CNN news had reported that a man in Paraguay Raped his 10 year old stepdaughter and has now been convicted for his crime. Benitez Gilberto Zarate, 42, has denied the rape of the young girl and has requested to get a DNA test. Not knowing, the 10 year old girl is now 5 months pregnant and is looking for ways of abortion. Paraguay state law does not allow one to do abortions, unless it puts the person carrying the baby in harm. The young girls mother has also been convicted for not being able to be responsible for her own daughter, she is currently in jail. Not knowing what will happen with the unborn baby, an international rights group is pressing the Paraguayan government to allow an abortion for the girl.

The girl now waits to see what is or her future; if with her new born baby or without him/her. She has been sent to Asuncion’s Red Cross Hospital,and will be taken to a shelter where the state will oversee her prenatal care.

“The Justice Department will determine later who will have custody of the mother and child after (the birth),” Barrios said. 

Global Opinion

“The physical and psychological impact of forcing this young girl to continue with an unwanted pregnancy is tantamount to torture,” Amnesty International official Guadalupe Marengo said this week. “The Paraguayan authorities cannot sit idly by while this young rape survivor is forced to endure more agony and torment.”

A 2013 United Nations report said that 2 million girls under age 14 give birth in developing countries every year, many of whom suffer resulting long-term or fatal health problems. It estimated that 70,000 adolescents die each year from complications from pregnancy or childbirth.

Personal Opinion

Stuff like this disgusts me. Rape is a world wide crime that has been going on for years. Men all around do what they can to satisfy their needs, but do so in wrong ways. If having sexual desires temps one to rape a young girl, then you shouldn’t even be outside this world to walk around freely. Anybody can find their self’s a girl to love and admire; so why go and rape a 10 year old? You also have to think about the harm and danger you put that person in. What if they don’t want to have your kid? what if they get seriously ill throughout the pregnancy? what if you get pressed charges like Benitez Gilberto Zarate who could possibly be sentenced to jail for many years? you have to ask your self all these questions before you go off to go do some stupidity on anybody. This goes for all men and women who think they can do what they want and not receive punishment. It’s sad that this doesn’t hurt me because it’s such a common thing you hear or see everyday on the news. I hope that one day everybody can learn just to respect each other and not interfere with one’s life. That 10 year old girl is now suffering a lot over something that easily could have been prevented.