Tornado Tears Up The South


Man takes in the reality of the amount of damage caused by the tornado.


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Over the past three days, a series of violent tornadoes has been tearing its way across the southern region of the United States destroying everything in its path. The storm system triggered a chain of tornadoes that covered states stretching from Oklahoma to Alabama. Twisters charged through towns stripping mobile homes from the ground, shredding up cars, and spitting out scraps of wood and metal into piles of unrecognizable sculptures of what used to be the homes and belongings of the area’s residents. The cost to repair damages and rebuild these communities will be incredible and take an extensive amount of time and hard labor. The tornado left its mark on the towns leaving thousands without power, running water, and a place to stay. So far, there has been an overall death total of  over 30 people and hundreds injured.

Tornado demolishes road and continues down its disastrous path.
Tornado demolishes road and continues down its disastrous path.

Abby Tucker, 27, describes the feeling as surreal.

“You see this in movies,” she said. “You don’t see this in your backyard.”

– Abby Tucker, 27, describing the feeling as surreal

The storm continues to move east, already producing mass amounts of rain and flooding in the northeast and tornado warnings being issued in the southeast. The storm moved through the eastern parts of North Carolina, which has been on and off of tornado watch for the past several days.  Thanks to social media and the advance warnings of the National Weather service many lives have been saved.  The Governors of Arkansas and Alabama praised local heroes who saved lives by urging neighbors to take underground shelter.  President Obama has promised Federal assistance and praised the efforts of emergency first responders.