Tracked Consumers Have No Privacy

Tracked Consumers Have No Privacy


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Some of the largest advertisement companies are starting a new program called Rader.  Rader is a program that tracks people all day.  Radar will be using advertisement billboards to track people.  AT&T is participating with advertisement companies to track the movement of people on their phones.  There will be a camera placed in billboards that people can not see that tracks movement in places like Times Square.  Now a days everyone has smart phones that they use and these phones have GPS.  AT&T is one of the largest phone connection companies in the country.  Four out of five people use AT&T service. AT&T would give locations to the companies and companies would be video recording the person where ever they go.

There is a video of how this program works

People are being tracked by the combination of AT&T and billboards advertising. Radar would track a person and the time they spend out and where they have been to.

I think that people should not be tracked by others.  We live in United States and it is a free country.  Nobody wants to be recorded.  This violates our rights to privacy.  Some people value privacy more than others.  Some would get mad when they will find out about that program but others don’t take it seriously.  If more people knew how much they were being watched they might become more fearful.  This program would get into people’s privacy. Getting into someone’s privacy is going against the law of the U.S.

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