Tragic and Cruel Neglect in Detroit

Tragic and Cruel Neglect in Detroit


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Police in Detroit made a gruesome discovery Tuesday March 24th.

A bailiff performing an eviction on a home on the east side of Detroit called 911 after discovering the body of a female child inside a freezer. While investigating the body, authorities found a second body, a male, according to a release from the Detroit Police Department.


 Both bodies were inside a plastic bag, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said.

The mother of the children was apprehended at a separate location, and was later arrested on child abuse charges, pending the “results of the medical examiner’s report,” a release from the police department said. Police have not yet released her name.

The names of the children have also not been released , but Craig said the boy was approximately 11 years old and the girl was approximately 14.

This really bothers me because why have kids if your just going to abandon them or do cruel things like this to them?These two very young children didnt deserve this.Kids didn’t ask to born into these kind of lifestyle.

The core democratic values described in this story is Honesty for one because she knew what she did but didnt own up to it. Loyalty because these were her actually family and she put them in plastic bags and put them in a freezer. Who knows how long they have been in there and they just now being discovered.