Tragic Terror; A Call for Action


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On Wednesday morning December 2nd, a Christmas holiday was being celebrated at a public services government center in Southern California.  People said they saw two suspects, Syed Farook and his wife that were armed with AR-15 weapons. A fire alarm went off and when people started to evacuate that was when the shooting began. There were at least 14 people killed and 21  wounded. The suspects had placed bombs in the building which luckily did not go off. A few hours later the two suspects were seen to be getting in a black SUV. They were chased, and then shooting between the two suspects and the Squad team ended in the suspects death at their vehicle.

It is a tragedy that happened and it was unexpected. It is a miracle that none of the bombs they put in the building went off because  it would have been a massacre.  If we do not enforce any gun laws in combination with better immigration screening then horrible incidents will continue to happen. There are too many shootings that have happened in the United States compared to any other country however this shooting has also directed our attention to ISIS terrorism because it happened so closely after the Paris terrorist attack and it seems the suspects were radical Muslims.  The wife was here on a marriage visa and the husband had been suspected of radical Islam previously.  Authorities failed to due a search of their home earlier because they could not get a warrant.  Some politicians and media spokesmen are calling for the courts to make it easier to issue warrants in cases of suspected terror.

ISIS propaganda is spreading worldwide and certain types of people are at risk for falling into their trap of lies.  America needs to stand up to this propaganda by providing strict enforcement as well as greater screening for mental and emotional issues that might lead to extremism.

For more information  from the Department of  Homeland Security on how to report suspicious activity to public safety authorities CLICK HERE