Trail of Tears



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Trail of Tears is a name that the Cherokees and other Native Americans gave to the trail that they had to take when they were forced to give up their land and to migrate to Oklahoma. This happened in 1838 and 1839 because it was a part of  President Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal policy. They called it the Trail of Tears because they suffered hunger, diseases, exhaustion and separation from thousands of loved ones. Many passed away during their  forced migration.

Americas Manifest Destiny pushed white Americans to cause harm to people of color; Native Americans,  Mexicans, African Americans and anyone that got in their way to become bigger and wealthier. As humans, when we want something really badly we would do anything, even if it  hurt others to get what we want.

Who are we pushing aside to get what we want today?

Is social reconciliation possible?

Do you know of any current issues that deal with civil rights for Native Americans?