Translator is very helpful job



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Translator is very helpful job for people who doesn’t speak another language. They work for government or business, which is they translate to language to language. They could speak for people, or translate paper. They usually work in an office, when do they need a translate paper, sometime they work in outside when they have conference with other speakers. Translator must speak at least 2 language perfectly. To be a translator, they have to graduate 4 years college, and get a training for 6 months to 1 year. In the beginning, they earn 23,000 dollar for year, and earn 74,000 dollar for year when they experienced. Translator population is still growing, it will be more grow 60.3% in Virginia. I really want to be a translator because I could meet other speakers in college, learning about different cultures. I speak Korean, English, little bit of Japanese. I want to learn Japanese and their cultures, and translate Korean, Enlgish, japanese.

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