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  • Andrew PowersMay 11, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    “Claimed” is technically right I guess, however the only country that got any land from Germany that wasn’t vastly majority populated by linguistic, cultural, and ethnic Germans was Poland and they got a bunch that was (Danzig is a whole other thing but they basically took it too). The reparations were actually just to make Germany pay for the expenses of a war they didn’t start, and while a lot was for actual damage most was for the debts England and France had incurred building/buying weapons and paying soldiers and other standard war time expenses. Basically they decided to rob the countries they had just defeated in a war where no country on either side had any moral justification for war, but they found the other central powers had nothing to take (in terms of money, the Ottomans empire was full of potential puppet states ripe for the picking)

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Treaty of Versailles(1919)