Tripped Up at the Boarder

Tripped Up at the Boarder


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Last week Petra Laszlo was fired by Hungary’s N1TV network.  Laszlo was also the new target on an online Facebook “wall of shame” page where people could vent heir opinions on Petras actions.  Along with her current problems, the Hungary police are further looking into her actions to decide whether they want to warrant criminal charges. It is ironic how the police were chasing the man who was tripped, yet the woman who tripped him is the one being punished.

Petra Laszlos actions were wrong but this is becoming way more serious than what it needs to be.  Tripping anyone is messed up but tripping an old man holding his child is just sad.  The man was trying to be free and she tried to stop him from getting that.  I think that firing Petra was a good consequence for her actions but creating a Facebook page to vent about Laszlos is too much.  There are many messed up people in our world and singling out one person in one incident, I feel is a waste.  Yes, she tripped a man, but he didn’t die. The camera woman didn’t have much time to think about her actions in the moment.  It was an emotional control issue.

This video captures migrants trying to get refuge in Hungary.  As police try to stop the refugees and gather them, a camera woman proceeds to stick out her leg and trip an old man carrying a child who was just trying to flee.  Once the video went viral the woman apologized and claims she isn’t “heartless”.  She was allegedly scared and sticking out her foot was her first instinct.  There are also other images that seemingly show the woman kicking at another woman trying to run across the field didn’t die… There are people dying and people are complaining about someone being tripped.  Seems like we are making a big deal over the wrong things.