Trump Insists Nuclear Deal will Commence After North Korea Launches Projectiles

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Donald Trump still believes that a nuclear deal will proceed following North Korea’s several unidentified misses into the sea toward the north-east. Since it was established by the North to ban all use of ballistic missiles, it would be the first launch of a intercontinental ballistic projectile since November 2017. Even in that year, there was a chain of expansion on increasingly powerful weapons from the North that spread a wave of fear in the subject of war. The tests included the first short-range ballistic missile test since August 2017, according to defense analysts. The missile launch is a violation of the inter-Korean military agreement under which South and North Korea should suspend all hostile activities against each other on the ground, at sea and in the air. These acts most likely occurred to reawaken tension with the U.S.

These provocative actions are useless from the Pyongyang, the capitol of North Korea, if it wants to revive its economy, they must engage in its agreement to denuclearize. North Korea is in a dire food situation, it reportedly needs 1.36 million metric tons of food aid from outside. South Korea and the US considered food aid to North Korea respectively. The missile launches were a purposeless action that could cause fear. This event occurred on May 4th, 2019, three months after Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump met to negotiate denuclearization, with the meeting to end in no agreement.

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