“Trump Says US Military response coming to Syria”

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Background Information on Syrian Civil War:

There has been an ongoing Civil War in Syria. Since the war began in 2011, an estimated 400,000 Syrians have been killed. “Until now President Bashar al-Assad has been ruling over the Syrian people with an iron fist”. Their own President Assad has thrown chemical bombs to there own civilians. People get threats if they start a protest against there ruler.

Donald Trump’s response:

Donald Trump chose to strike Syria to teach President Bashar al-Assad a lesson. The previous Chemical attack on Syria Trump said the Russians were involved. Trump has suggested some troops to stay in Syria. He tweeted on Twitter about the strike he took on Syria and said ” mission accomplished”.

Syrians :

There are many Syrians who have died. They’re still dying right now. so many innocent children were killed by all these attacks and are in pain. There are many Syrians who are hiding and starving at the moment. Many refugees are trying to enter the U.S but Donald Trump isn’t letting them in.