Trump V.S. Pope!



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On the Pope’s flight back to Rome, the discussion of Republican candidate Donald Trump was brought to his attention by reporters on board his plane. He said “anyone who builds walls instead of bridges is not Christian” He said a man like that has no Christian faith. He also insisted that he did not want to get involved and not want to control the peoples point of view on Trump so he briefly left it at that.

Trump on the other hand got defensive against the Pope as soon as he heard about it. At his campaign in South Carolina.  He stated that the Pope was disgraceful  “No leader especially a religious leader should question another man’s religion or  faith.”  Afterwords he went on by accusing the Mexican Government for using the Pope as a pawn.

He also stated that the  people of Mexico should be ashamed of themselves because a lot of lives are involved and illegal immigration is rampant and and bad for the United States. Trump believes that the Mexican government has put things in the Pope’s head to say bad things about Trump because “Mexico wants to continue to rip us off”.

For the most part I think the Pope has a point on saying that there should be bridges and not walls, but then again he should not have said that it was un-Christian because it is not his position to lay public judgement on someone.  In response to accusations Pope Francis being too political he said the following; “Thank God he said I was a politician because Aristotle defined the human person as ‘animal politicus’. So at least I am a human person.”  If Trump says that the Pope would regret not supporting his campaign because one day ISIS will come and attack the Vatican and everyone knows that if they actually do take it down that it will be the ultimate trophy for ISIS.


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