Trump’s actions towards recent fallen soldiers families raise questions about honor and gratitude.

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October 4th was the day four U.S special forces soldiers were gunned down at the border of Niger and Mali in the deadliest combat incident since President Trump took office. The days after the incident Trump tried to hide the incident and talked about the “fake news”, warning the country of “The calm before the storm”. What storm, he never did say. Over that weekend Trump let it rip over social media. For 12 straight days Trump did not say a thing about what happened in Niger. On Monday in the Rose Garden of the white house, Trump was asked by a reporter to explain his uncharacteristic silence.

Trump tried to use the issue to his advantage and his answer was that he sent personal letters to the families. Trump tried to say other presidents before him did not send letters out to lost ones families regularly. But in fact they did. When trump got on the phone with Sgt La David T Johnson’s widow, Trump told her “He knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway”. She bursted into tears and the congresswoman said she wanted to take the phone and “curse him out”.

In another story, Chris Baldridge, the father of Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge, was devastated and struggling with the fact that his son was shot and killed by someone he was training. “I said, ‘Me and my wife would rather our son died in trench warfare,’ ” Baldridge said. “I feel like he got murdered over there.” Trump offered the family $25,000. Trumps actions and the way he handles things, makes people question how often the president has called or mailed the families of those killed.

In conclusion, over the past years our presidents have shown lack of remorse for our fallen soldiers. Although some presidents may handle things differently there are a few who just disrespected the families of the fallen soldiers. Most people think our president should be a leader and show some gratitude for all the hard work our soldiers do for us. Although anyone who joins any branch knows “What they are signing up for” they are still risking their lives so that people can have their freedom and safety.

Veterans have done so much for our country and the people. Here’s a link that list some ways you can show you’re thanks to the veterans around us, We should show our gratitude towards them to show our thanks. For example ask a Veteran about their time in the military, and really listen to the answer. Thank a Veteran co-worker for their service.