Truth and Justice: Do Police Body Cameras Help or Harm?



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Conflicting viewpoints of the truth between the authorities and citizens is causing a problem all over the country.  In Seattle, Washington  authorities are now using body cameras so that it may help show the truth of an incident.  This camera can be a dangerous weapon because more people are  now seeing videos of shooting or conflicts between the police and citizens.  Some people are starting to gain hate against the police.  However, many states are testing the use of body cameras which is turning out to be  the best way to protect citizens and authorities. Cameras are shown to  help prevent  bad behavior of  police officers.  As the most important enforcement officer of our country, President Barack Obama is supporting the use of body cameras but citizens are still debating their use.

Body cameras help prevent injustice to innocent people because they give a point of view that does not take sides or have prejudice. The American values of truth, justice, and authority will all be better protected with body cameras.  Some citizens continue to suffer from having themselves or family members being treated unjustly.  What we often fail to realize is that both sides need to be protected by a true account of the situation.  Unfortunately the negative situations are the ones we all see but the positive meetings of citizens and police will be recorded as well.  America is a society that should presume innocence until proof shows guilt.  Sometimes police officers do the opposite in order to protect themselves.  If police officers are starting to wear body cameras, it will stop authorities from taking advantage of other people.  Citizens will be more confident with their actions.