Truth, Justice & Race Relations in the age of the Cell Phone



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Community leaders of Fairfield, Ohio are speaking out after another video has surfaced of police abusing teenagers and a water park in this small town in Ohio. The conflict took place at the Fairfield Aquatic Center in Ohio.  The family complained of being mistreated and ultimately injured by officers but the police are saying they were just doing their jobs.

This conflict happened on June 9th, 2015 when Crystal Dixon took her children, nieces, and nephews to the water park. She left the teens there to go pick up her sister, but soon later the park was calling Dixon to say their child had on improper swimwear and the children were asked to leave. Dixon returned to the park about 15 minutes later and went in to speak to the employees, but by the time she got inside she was grabbed by an officer who took her to who children. A violent struggle between the Dixon family and the police occurred, leaving the family with several injuries. Arrests were then made. The whole encounter was caught on film by a cellphone.

 “Officers are not misbehaving, they are simply trying to bring a situation under control by using their hands to get people in compliance.”  -Fairfield Police Chief Mike Dickey

Bishop Bobby Hilton, a spokesman for the family, who is also with the National Action Network, says police used excessive force.

“So the question becomes: Was this family treated like that because they’re black? I don’t know! But that’s going to be a major question,”.  – family spokesman Bishop Bobby Hilton

These types of conflicts have been happening very frequently across the nation and  it seems like there is always a race war between African Americans and the White Police. There is a problem with authority in this matter because the African Americans are accusing the police of using excessive force and doing their jobs wrong and the police are on the offensive. It is a major problem because it shows that Americans are struggling to find equal treatment for all citizens under the law.  The lives of too many African Americans have been taken by White police officers stereotyping and doing their jobs the wrong way it seems.

Will this problem ever have a solution? The first step is honest dialogue and awareness.

Do you think the cell phone is a tool citizens are using to protect their rights?  How is social media both a good and a bad thing when it comes to citizen justice and the bill of rights?

I think this whole issue would have been ignored if there were not any cell phone recordings.  citizens must however remain mindful that seeking justice through the truth takes input from multiple perspectives.