Trying To Save Her Country From Illiteracy



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We all know that in every country there is a percentage of the population that does not know how to write and read.  Education is a human right but in some places children are not able to go to school. For example, in my country there is a lot of adults who are illiterate because they couldn’t go to school due to the economy. Now there are a lot of programs that this people can attempt to know how to write and read.

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Global Child Literacy Rates



This girl has to walk a lot to get to her school, but she says she likes to be ready to learn more each day, and when she doesn’t understand she is the first one to raise her hand to ask the teacher. Her favorite subject is Math, but it is hard for her to understand it. Her teacher said that Lindsay is one of her best students that she ever had.

It is great when a little girl is trying to help people who doesn’t know how to write and read. Just with 8 years old Lindsey helps old people that are illiterate. When I first saw this video I started to cry because in El Salvador it is difficult to see something like this on this days. Now we can see everything that we can achieve. Lindsey went to school everyday and she is the one who has the enthusiasm in her classroom, when she has a question she ask her teacher to understand better.

Lindsey said that she feels happy when she is teaching adults how to do things and she feels proud of herself because that is what she wants for her country not to have anyone illiterate. Lindsey, also said that it’s not that easy to help adults because when they first saw her they think that she can’t help them because of her age. But it doesn’t stop her to be helpful with her community, she finds other adults that like to have her because she is patient and she really helps them when they doesn’t understand.

For me I feel so proud of this little girl because as a Salvadoran I like to see every person with education, I’m don’t agree with people not having an education, but sometimes I understand that not every person has the opportunity to obtain an education, but  it’s never too late to have an education in our lives.