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What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a social network where you can describe yourself and the things you like by reblogging (reposting) pictures/videos and other media that you like.  In other words, it’s your own personal blog where people from around the world can follow you that like the same things that you do.

What can Tumblr be used for? Tumblr is used for many things. You can use it just for fun or you can use it to vent. Personally, I use Tumblr when I want to get distracted. I start reblogging pictures and quotes that have to do with what I’m going through or just things that I like and can personally connect with.  Some people use Tumblr just for the fun of it, which isn’t bad at all.  People actually enjoy Tumbling and just reblog whatever they see that interests them, even if it doesn’t have to do with them.

How can I get a Tumblr and how can I start making it interesting? Just go to Tumblr.com and sign up! It’s really is!!! When you get to personalizing it, that’s where it gets hard, but it becomes easy once you get used to it! First, always make sure you follow people who have the same interests as you, go to the search section on top of the page and type in a keyword of something you like and you’ll see people who also found that interesting and added it to their page.  You can press the follow button if you think that person has the same interests as you. You will also see pictures of the thing you searched up, you can start reblogging, which is usually the second step of making your own blog. Search up anything interesting to you and just reblog pictures that have to do with what you searched up.

Quick advice: MAKE SURE THEY LOOK AWESOME because that’s how you gain followers!

Your third step is my personal favorite, customizing your blog! The easiest way is to go on Google and look up free themes for Tumblr, and you will find many websites with amazing themes.  When you find the theme you like, just copy the code and paste it in the html box! Trust me, if your blog looks great and interesting you will start gaining followers. When it comes to customizing your blog, just go on Google and type in anything that has to do Tumblr themes, Tumblr codes, and Tumblr music players so your Tumblr isn’t dry, or boring!

Tumblr is honestly really enjoyable and it gets your mind off a lot of things when you’re either having a bad day or you just want to ignore the people and things around you! Give it a try! Trust me, Tumblr hasn’t disappointed anyone that I know so far!