Turkey’s deadly mine incident traps hundreds.

Turkeys deadly mine incident traps hundreds.


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Hundreds of people were trapped underground due to a coal explosion. At least 200 were killed in this tragic incident that took place in Turkey at a mining work pit.  It appears to be an accident but authorities aren’t  quite sure if it was a cause of someone’s act or just an act of God.  The total number of workers trapped in this horrible accident is 787.  Hundreds of other people are trying help rescue workers that are still trapped underground but authorities fear that the number of injuries would increase due to the amount of smoke still remaining. Even though small progress has been made, the amount of victims trapped is still very high. Authorities are battling time since not much is left and conditions keep getting worse.

An inspection was made in March to check safety issues, and everything seemed to be fine, but workers say otherwise “no one really followed safety precautions… the management only cares about money”.

These were the words of a worker that worked at the mine for quite some time and was able to escape this incident.  The explosion seemed to be triggered by an electrical transformer around 12:30 PM  Tuesday May 13th. This is the only information that’s been passed on so far by authorities but there’s still a lot yet to be covered, meanwhile the families of those still trapped in the mine are waiting outside hoping for a miracle to see their loved ones again.


Safety procedures should be forced by law and followed to the teeth by companies such as mining and big industry. I believe this is very important for the safety of workers and this would definitively help avoid disasters such as loss of so many innocent lives, that are forced to work there due to a bad economy.  In some towns in the US mining has been the only industry, when a whole town is working in one place then people should care about safety.

What can the government do to make sure everyone follows safety procedures? how can we keep control of management ?