Two Brothers in Brussels bring Terror


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Over Spring Break we all heard the news of the Brussels terrorist attacks.  These attacks occurred by two brothers; Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui and one other person who was missing from them. No one knows what happened to him, but the other two brothers were suicide bombers who carried out attacks in Brussels on Tuesday. Since the attacks happened in the airport, their were many people who were scared and afraid and they could not move from the place where they were.There were 300 people injured in the attacks, about 150 people remain in the hospital and 61 in the intensive care. Also, there were a lot of people who are missing, no one knows what happened to them.  35 are confirmed dead.

 There were people all around the world who were in the Brussels airport. Many people didn’t know what was happening in the airport when the bombs exploded. It was very hard for many of them because they had their children with them, and children got scared of the noise that the bombs made.
ISIS claimed responsibility for these attacks.  As citizens we need to be aware of our surroundings but it is also important that we don not let this ugly attack make us judgemental of one another.  It might reinforce unfair prejudice against all Muslims.  We must remember that extremism and terrorism is an evil that can not claim any religion.  We must understand the motivations of terrorists if we ever hope to stop them.  This attack also points to a need for better communication and security between nations and agencies in Europe.
 If you would like to know more about this, here is more information.