Two years, 43 students and nobody knows what happened.

Two years, 43 students and nobody knows what happened.


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Two years have passed since 43 students disappeared in the town of Iguala in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero. They were victims of the war between the government  and drug cartels. Are they still alive? This is  the most common question that people have. Investigators of the IACHR said that they have  no idea. During the last year the Mexican authority said “the truth” of what happened in that tragedy. They said these students got killed by one drug cartel, and then they incinerated the bodies on a dump.  No evidence?  How convenient.

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Many parents of these victims still don’t believe what happened with their children and how the government has no clue until this present day. How did the government take a year to give an explanation of what supposedly happened. How are the people going to protect themselves with this kind of government? Hopefully this will never happen again but nobody is making any promises.

“I can’t believe that we are here, two years later, with the same pain, the same demands…” -family of the victims

Citizens of the United States are free to complain about their government but many do not realize how good they have it.  All governments have some level of corruption that causes mistrust but at least the United States has balanced power and limits that hold all to some level of justice.

In order to protect human rights we need to be aware of the truth. Amnesty International is an international human rights organization. Human Rights are only protected when we stay aware and speak up for the victims.