U.K. has cocaine in water supply

U.K. has cocaine in water supply


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Cocaine use in the U.k. is very popular and so heavily used that it has made its way into the water supply. Even making it through an intense purification treatment. Researchers from  the drinking water inspectorate found traces of benzoylecgonine in the water supply, the form of cocaine once it passes through the body,  in the drinking water. Cocaine use in the u.k. is rising and the price is just dropping. Steve rolles from the drug think tank transform stated ” We have the near highest level of cocaine in the U.k.”. Up to 700,000 people are consuming the drug yearly at ages 15-59.



I think its wild that the use of cocaine in the U.K. is so heavy it has made its way into the drinking water. I’d like to know how its possible for the benzoylecgonine to pop up in the water and if it will have any negative affects on the people who drink the water. I think test should be done immediately and the U.K.should try to create a new purification system if the one currently is not filtering everything.

If you would like to take a look into the water quality guidelines in Fairfax county I have posted a link below.