U.S. President and Diplomacy in Europe



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Barack Obama requested $1,000,000 to the congress. The money will be used to strengthen Europe’s defenses and have a more disciplined and strong army.   Obama is willing to meet the new Ukraine president, as well as the Eastern European leaders. They are offering reassurance about U.S. commitment in the region. If the financial request is approved, It will be used to increase the size of military, weapons, and training over the continent. The NPR story below said that Russia already took over the Eastern part of Ukraine. Pro-Russia rebels and Ukrainian forces are engaged in bloody battles.


Why does our US President care about what Russia does in Ukraine?  Is it worth spending US tax money in Europe?

“Today I’m announcing a new initiative to bolster the security of our NATO allies here in Europe. Under this effort, and with the support of Congress, the United States will pre-position more equipment in Europe. We will be expanding our exercises and training with allies to increase the readiness of our forces.”  – 

The story shows that the president cares about the alliance that the U.S. has with Europe over the last centuries. This story is similar to the Cold War. Germany tried to take over Europe in world War II, During the Cold War Russia took over Eastern Europe but this time President Obama and the European Union are standing up to Russia.

I am really concerned about what President Obama will do, Once he talked tough to Syria, but he never did anything. Would the alliance between Europe and the USA be different?  I think it is a stronger alliance and the US has made big sacrifices in the past to support Europe.