UN sanctions slaps North Korea who in turn responded with a missile



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north korea missile rangeJust hours after new UN sanctions were passed North Korea shot a short range missile  into the sea of japan. North Korea obviously distraught about the new sanctions which will include all North Korean planes and ships carrying cargo to be inspected. Previously nations only searched suspicious cargo going toward north Korea. There is now a ban on Pyongyang from exporting most of the nations natural resources which should help North Korea’s problem with starvation. The bill also bans North Korea from receiving any aviation or rocket fuel and bans all Nations from flying or shipping under the North Korean flag. The bill also bans any nation from providing North Korea anything that could advance their missile or nuclear programs.

The most shocking feature of the bill comes from the fact that china who has a long history of holding back on sanctions for North Korea was a part of writing these sanctions. Since the story broke on March 3rd, 2015 North Korea has ordered its military on stand by for nuclear strikes at any time. At one point in time this threat wouldn’t have been so credible but North Korea successfully tested a nuclear weapon earlier this year. The United States in response to rising tensions has been discussing deployment of THAAD in South Korea, an advanced missile defense system that could be very valuable if this conflict continues to escalate.

This is a necessary military defensive step.  The United States cannot ignore threats to security and stability around the world because we have the capability of responding on a global level.  North Korea unfortunately is a ticking time bomb.  They are like the boy who cried wolf and we need to avoid being complacent.

This missile defense system is designed to intercept short, medium and intermediate missiles in mid-flight.