Unarmed = Innocent?

Unarmed = Innocent?


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19 year old Tony Robinson, who was unarmed got fatally shot by Madison, Wisconsin Police Officer. Veteran Matt Kenny is a 12 year veteran and he has used deadly force before, shooting and killing a man in 2007.  Kenny responded to a disturbance Friday evening at a Madison residence, when Robinson attacked him. Robinson’s family and mother were very shocked when they heard about the incident and were out of words.

What the officer did was so wrong, knowing that this man was unarmed.  I can’t imagine what it would be like if I were an armed police officer under attack but I’d like to think that I would hold my fire.  He could have detained the man and taken him to jail. Looking back at the latest history of this Police Officer he already killed someone. I think this cop should be investigated.

Police seemed to be presumed innocent while citizens are presumed guilty.  What if more violent police officers lost their jobs and were sent to jail?  It is wrong to shoot to kill.  Was the officer ever in any real danger?  Robinson didn’t have any lethal weapons, so I say this officer is guilty any way you look at it.

Life is a vary valuable thing in this world. Cops are here to protect us but too often they kill the very citizens they are hired to protect.  I know its not an easy job but that seems wrong to me. Police Officers should have the best core democratic values out of anyone, but often this doesn’t seem to be the case.  There is no equality when it comes to Police Officers and citizens.

The citizens who are getting shot are acting without thinking but just because they can not control their own actions does not mean that their lives should be at risk in the hands of a Police Officer. What do you think?