Understanding the Election

Understanding the Election
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The United States Election of 2020 is occurring now until Tuesday November 3.  It is important to understand the election.  Voting is occurring in every place of the United States. Some people will be voting at Mountain View High School on Tuesday November 3rd 2020.  People who can vote for a new President and members of Congress are called American citizens. This year the voting citizens are younger. There are more voters in 2020.

The names of the candidates for the election of president are Donald Trump (R) and Joe Biden (D).   All of the members of the House of Representatives are candidates for election in 2020.  ⅓ or 33% of the Senate members are candidates. There are also local candidates.  The two major political parties are Republican and Democrat.  

You can find out who your Senators and House Representatives are by going to these sites.




Where does voting occur? 

Voting is occurring in every place of the United States. Some people are voting in Mountain View High School on Tuesday November 3. There are many voting places in every city in every state.  Citizens can find their polling location by typing their home address at this link. https://www.vote.org/polling-place-locator/     In some states the polls close earlier than in others.  Voting closes at the end of the day Nov. 3rd 2020. https://www.270towin.com/poll-closing-times

 It  is the law to have an  election every year on the first Tuesday of November.  2020 is a Presidential election year.  A President is elected in America every 4 years.  We can not vote in this election but when we have the chance, we will vote.

 The Constitution requires Presidential election day to be every 4 years.  A President can only serve for two elections.  President Donald Trump is a businessman who is running to be elected for a second term. His opponent is Joe Biden.  Joe Biden is a Democrat and was the Vice President as well as a Senator from Delaware.  

There are many important issues to be decided in America.  In the American election people choose issues and political parties.  The two political parties in America are Republican and Democrat.  Each party believes different things about the important issues.  Each candidate represents a political party.  Sometimes people will vote on an issue instead of a candidate. Sometimes people will vote for the person who they like instead of the issues.

If you would like to see how each political party thinks about the issues you can view the party platform here:

Republican Party Platform



Democrat Party Platform. 

Where we stand

Here are some comments from us on the issues.

Maikol says, “I care about the issue of health care because I need to be healthy.”  Health care is a human right .                                     

 Adolfo says, ” I care about the issue of  Education because I want to learn what is necessary like knowing how to buy house or save a life.”       . Adolfo

 Noman says, “I care about the issue of Economy because I want a good job .   

Where do you stand on the issues?  You can take this quiz.  2020-presidential-quiz      


How are we the people voting during this Covid 19 pandemic?