US citizen minor detained at the airport

US citizen minor detained at the airport


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A lot has happened since President Trump’s travel ban. He had banned 7 countries Muslim countries from traveling to the United States. On January 30, a five year old Iranian American boy was detained at the Dulles airport in Washington DC after Trump’s executive order. After hours in custody, the boy had been released. He was supposed to breeze right through the airport procedures and instead they had him in custody for several hours. Finally, he linked up with his mother after a few confirmations. The safety of the United States citizens is what matters the most. The TSA is responsible for the citizens safety among departures and arrivals. That is their job and they have to do their best. The boy was a citizen so either way he would have been released.

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At the end of the day I feel like all humans should travel as they wish if they have no severe criminal record. To not let someone travel due to their ethnicity is outrageous. I honestly think this situation can be justified sooner or later. In this situation I’m pretty sure racial profiling plays a big part. Donald Trump’s teachings are slowly brushing off on some of our citizens of the United States of America.  They are having an effect  and it is not a good one.  This shows how important the role of Chief citizen can be.  For the better or worse  in our country the President is the Chief Citizen.