US & North Korea talk tough; Is a deal possible?

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Since March 2017 the US has been sending attack drones to be stationed in South Korea permanently. The military approved the drones to be sent to South Korea due to North Korea testing their long range missiles into the Sea of Japan. The drones sent to South Korea are likely a show of force from the US due to recent provocations testing Inter-continental Ballistic Missiles from North Korea. North Korea will not back down even if they are slapped with sanctions from the United Nations.

Recently, President Trump has spoken forcefully and ordered increased US Navy presence to the area.  This has caused many to worry about the increased risk of new conflict in east Asia.

Image result for THAD how a north korean missile could be stopped
This map shows the different ranges of IBMs that North Korea has threatened to use against the US.




The video above describes how tensions increased in Feb. and March 2017. The situation is complicated in Korea because any US actions have consequences with neighboring nations such as Russia and China.  The politics on the Korean peninsula are also unstable.  People in South Korea have recently impeached their President over scandal.

In order to avoid war and find peaceful resolutions there must be a gathering of strong leaders who are willing to work for solutions. President Trump likes to be different and get people’s attention.  Recently President Trump continues to meet with Asian leaders.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the Trump administration is open to direct talks with North Korea as long as the agenda is right — that is, denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

President Trump may even invite the North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un to Washington DC or to play golf at one of the Trump resorts.  This would be totally unprecedented but par for the course with our current leadership. Anything to make a deal.

Should drones be used in battlefields? if so, what’s the advantage to using this Attack drones?