US President Visits Japan



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President Obama spoke out at an interview with Japan’s prime Minister Sinzo Abe in Tokyo, reinforcing  the US-Japan security commitment. He also commented on this issue of sovereignty  and advised both nations that Japan’s administration of a Chinese contested island chain remain the same with out any changes. Obama’s diplomatic way of dealing with this situation is an example of how a democratic country should operate in situations like this, making it clear that the US will continue to be a strong ally of Japan and stand behind their current sovereignty.  Obama addressed a whole range of issues that are challenging at this time in East Asia.  Japan’s Prime Minister Sinzo Abe also added to the interview and included that the US-japan Alliance  is unbreakable as a strong foundation to a peaceful and prosperous Asia-Pacific region.


What Constitutional role is the US President fulfilling when he visits other nations?

The US plays a diplomatic role to avoid a preference on picking sides and sets a peaceful mood with the purpose of solving what ever issue is present at the moment.

Do you think that a visit like this by a US President helps nations avoid war?

Its obvious that US has nothing but good intentions whenever visiting other nations. What some people forget is that the good intentions of one democratic country are not always the same as another. When the President represents America as a Chief Diplomat and Head of State he is also offering some share in a possibly powerful relationship for both Japan and China.  A share in power can lead to greater peace.