US Prisoner is released from the Taliban

US Prisoner is released from the Taliban


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President Obama ordered the release of five Taliban terrorists last week  in exchange for an American prisoner who was captured 5 years ago in Afghanistan.   Negotiations with the Taliban have been ongoing  for three years  and even though some people including Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s family and friends think we got an American hero back, others believe he was a deserter.

Congressman Mike Rogers  expressed a concern stating that terrorists around the world will be more likely to take US hostages now more than ever because they know they can exchange them for their own people captured by the Americans.  There also has been a few lawmakers suggesting that President Obama violated the law by failing to notify the Congress 30 days before the release. The Guantanamo prisoners were transferred in secret. Even more ironically, the President actually signed the  30 days notification law into affect.

In the President’s defense, the National Security stated that the “acute urgency” of Bergdahl’s failing health was the reason for violating the 30 day notification requirement without notifying Congress. Yet, the negotiation was ongoing for past 3 years?

In  my opinion, If Obama and his administration really cared that the US does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind then they would not have taken 3 years to act.  The ongoing Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital controversy contradicts what the National Security Adviser addressed the public about how they care about men and women in uniform. The record shows that when US soldiers return to our home ground, veterans literally die while being lost or forgotten on the waiting lists of VA hospitals.

I honestly think that  America’s going through a type of civil war in its divided opinion of the actions from the President.  Sometimes I think that how this administration dodges through every controversy makes the Watergate Scandal of 1972  look like child’s play.


English: Obama Taliban
English: Obama Taliban (Photo credit: Wikipedia)