US Propaganda Against Japan



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This propaganda is about encouraging men to join the submarine or navy military to help and win the war.
The propaganda of fear is present here. The American government used fear for people to invest money for finishing the war using the money for war tools and supplies. These were called WAR BONDS.
Tell working people in America that they are important in the fight. This shows the military telling people to keep on working, because the working people were as important as the military.
The American companies would be forced to employ women because there were no men to work. This poster was encouraging companies to employ women that can do the job like a man would. The “V” is for victory.


World War II brought advances for women and minorities in the military. They encouraged women to join forces in the military, by putting women as members of the military. Men would look at it as they are weak but women were becoming more independent in the 20th century.
'stay on the job until every murdering jap is ...
‘stay on the job until every murdering jap is wiped out!’ World War II poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This was referring to the capture of american troops in the Philippines by the Japanese forces.