USA and Pakistan; A World of Difference



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This article covers the murder of a popular Pakistani social activist. The killing has led to protests, especially after last year’s killing of three journalists. Sabeen Mahmud was shot dead on April 24, shortly after a debate which she had organized, about human rights violations. Mahmud ran a group on the second floor of a Balochistan organization. Mahmud described the group as “An inclusive space where different kinds of people can be comfortable”.

“Don’t you feel ashamed over what a few Christian [journalists] are doing for a long time [in the press club]? We tell you that photojournalists Musa Masih, Kelvin Masih and Naseem Masih, and Geo [TV] cameraman Naseem James are spreading their faith through an unnamed TV channel. The group leader Musa Masih … is converting Muslims to infidels …. As Muslims, we warn you for the last time that it would be beneficial for you to ban from the press club blasphemers of Islam and our beloved Prophet … or else our fighters will raid the press club …. You are Muslim and we are Muslim and we don’t want to cause any harm to you.”
The core democratic values demonstrated in this article are the values of life, authority, and freedom. The life of a woman was effected because of her beliefs. The authority that discrimination has over the lives of many is definitely something that destroys the values of falling away from conformity. The freedom that we have in this country gives us the opportunity to grow from the corrupt government in other nations. Our first amendment right to freedom of religion is such a blessing.
God has blessed the United States in order to have the privilege to express our beliefs and even spread our values to others. I think that other nations unfairly box in and control their citizens. I’m happy that we are able to share our views without persecution or even the fear of death. I think that the treatment and constricting ideologies human beings have toward one another should be changed. Sadly political corruption plays a huge role in the Pakistan government.

How does the Pakistani democratic government differentiate from the government in the U.S? I think the difference is shockingly apparent and yet the citizens of both countries have more in common than most people realize.