Vaccines-God given gifts

Vaccines-God given gifts


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This story talks about the medical science of vaccinology. Paul Offit, an author and professor of pediatrics witnessed children die of treatable diseases, and of illnesses that vaccines could have prevented. At the middle of the contagion was a group of children whose parents belonged to a church that disapproved of the use of vaccines and modern medical treatments. To Offit, these deaths could have been prevented. To a man like Offit, the deaths of these children have been wasteful- proof that the effects of segregated religion causes evil.

But to reject modern medicine “because [it is] a product of man, not God,” Offit argues, is “illogical” and “inconsistent.” If God made humans in his own image, “and that image includes a brain,” which is “responsible for scientific and medical advances,” why not, Offit suggests, regard the work of human minds and hands—vaccines, antibiotics, life-saving surgeries—as gifts from God? Offit quotes Galileo: “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

The core democratic values represented in this article are the values of life, authority, and compromise. The life of children are being threatened because of this preconception of how vaccines are the opposite of a God given gift. The position of authority that the parents of religious based organizations that hold onto this value, highly govern the future of their children. Compromise should be met when issues when the life of others are in danger.

With respect to religion, Offit is at his best in a chapter on how Jesus opposed the views of illness and disability that prevailed among devout Jews in his own day. Rather than looking at disease, impairment, and calamities as signs of divine retribution, Jesus, in striking parallel to the outlook of the Book of Job, sees these misfortunes as opportunities for compassion, and for the glory of God’s grace to be made manifest.

My opinion on this subject is that medical science are definitely a God given gift. The church that was represented in this article omitted the wrong spirit and greatly misrepresented Christians. To reject the vaccines, antibiotics, and life-saving surgeries in our modern society, because people see it as evil ruins the true intent of God. God’s love is constant and unrestricted. To fully take advantage of the resources He provides gives a boost to the advancement of His grace. Though there is religious freedom to practice these beliefs, God given life should be cherished and given the opportunity to flourish no matter the circumstance.

Do you believe that one’s moral ethics should get in the way of saving a life?