Venezuela Blackout; Five Day Weekends



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To save electricity, drought-stricken Venezuela has introduced a five days weekend concept. The five days weekend is an attempt to save electricity in Venezuela. It has been facing a lot of problems as well.

“The public sector will work Monday and Tuesday, while we go through these critical and extreme weeks,” said President Nicolas Maduro. Venezuelan would be upset about this announcement because they have nothing much to on five days weekend.

Primary schools will also be closed on Fridays. All the blackouts are causing a lot of problems for people as they have to sit home in the hot weather with no air conditioner or even fans at this point and food in the refrigerators is messing up as well. People of Venezuela are not able to live a normal life at this point and in response to the blackouts, there are riots taking place.

During an outage in the state of Zulia that lasted more than 12 hours, angry residents torched a bus, looted stores and attacked the headquarters of the government power company Corpoelec, according to Venezuela’s El Nacional. There were reports of rioting and looting overnight last week in at least three other Venezuelan states and several dozen arrests.

Although the government has announced the five day weekend concept for saving electricity. It is creating a lot of problems for the people as they have to face hours and hours of blackouts each day. The government can benefit from it but the people that suffer each day are outraged at this point.

South American governments are falling apart from time to time.  Can the United States of America help Venezuela to raise their economy? Should they?  As Americans can we and do we trade oil from Venezuela since Venezuela is one of the largest oil production organizations in this hemisphere.  In addition, Brazil’s government is also falling apart and this year the Summer Olympics will be held in Brazil.  They are not ready to organize the Olympics in Brazil.  South America needs to do better and our government needs to help our neighbor countries.

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