Video games also have benefits you know!

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Although video games has a reputation for being a bad influence to kids, it can also have beneficial effects for the youth. The reason why parents won’t let their child own a type of gaming console is because you can easily get addicted to it, and when the addiction has begun, that’s where you draw the line from having benefits to being dangerous. As I said, video games, not including the violent ones, can make have positive effects to children. An example for this is that it can improve ones memory, decision making, and other basic mental processes. I’ve decided to quit video games now because I don’t find it my favorite hobby anymore. I’ve transitioned from gaming to having an active lifestyle. Although I’ve quit playing games, I personally think that video games is good for structuring your brain whether its about creativity, strategies, and many more. Additionally, it all depends on how you spend your time throughout the day. Playing excessively can have negative effects for you physically and mentally.

There are many types of games ranging from RPG/ strategic games, problem solving games, and building games. These are the type of genres that can affect children in a positive way. Video games such as Minecraft is a well known game in the gaming community. People from different ages enjoy playing this game because it is appealing to everyone. It can test your creativity in building amazing structures, which some people have actually done before. There are also other games not just Minecraft that can test you in terms of creativity. It is also a good way of meeting other people online who have the same interest with you and can improve communication skills with one another, all thanks to the creation of voice chat.

Overall, video games can have positive effects and also negative effects in our brain depending on what and how we use it for.