Viktor’s battle with Cancer

Viktors battle with Cancer
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Fairfax, VA. — Viktor Heintz, recognized and known by many, has been fighting Brain Cancer since the early age of 7. Viktor was 16 years old, He was a student just like the rest of us. He walked to school each day and in the afternoon worked at his job at McDonalds. He had always been a resilient individual who pushed through no matter what the circumstances were. His positivity and kindness is what is being appreciated by many. He liked Reggae music and enjoyed crime dramas. One great attribute Viktor was known for was his height, which made him pretty skilled at basketball. He also had a passion for auto-tech, which is one of his favorite classes. Viktor accomplished so much even with the struggles of his health as well as enduring all the chemo-therapy sessions, this speaks so heavily on the type of individual he was.

At the time I was writing this article, Viktor was in a hospice. During the early hours of Thursday, November 16, Viktor Heintz lost his battle with Cancer, and we are all mourning the passing of Viktor. He is loved and truly missed by many. A candle lighting was held in Viktor’s memorial the following day, and it was a time of remembrance and grief. We all stood in memorial reflecting upon each moment we shared with Viktor when he was with us. The candle lighting had received a great amount of support from many of peers and his closest friends. One specific moment was during the balloon release, where we had an opportunity to say good-bye to Viktor  final message

His wake was held on the 18th of November at the Adams-Green Funeral Home in Herndon, Virginia. The funeral services took place at St. Andrew The Apostle Catholic Church, on Monday, November 20th.

A GoFundMe page was made for Viktor prior to his passing. The link can be accessed here. The campaign continues to receive great amount of love and support from many.


In loving memory of Viktor Heintz, April 22, 2001 – November 16, 2017