Violence in El Salvador

Violence in El Salvador


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The country of El Salvador witnessed 7 murders in the first half of Monday September 26th.  El salvador has adopted the ugly name as the  “murder capital of the world“. In the year 2015 alone there were 6,656 killings in this country that is 467 times smaller than the United States .  The size of El Salvador on a map would stretch only from Delaware across the DMV to West Virginia. Today EL Salvador it being controlled mostly by gangs.  Mara 18 or mara salvatrucha have fights against each other and kill one another. In other parts of the country the gangs are trying to take over cities, controlling them by telling citizens they need to pay rent to them and obey what they say or else they would be killed.

The police do not represent much authority anymore, because gangster are killing policemen, or even people working in government.

The gang people are the ones who are the murderess, they think the way to go is just to kill everyone who do not follow there rules. They want everything done their way. How do people get this way?  Can we see the possibility of being a gangster in each of us?  If we can see gang members as human beings like ourselves then we have hope of healing the violence.  This has been done in places like Los Angeles by organizations such as Homeboy Industries.  El Salvador needs a source of hope .

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This is my country; my homeland.  It is tragic to see the land of my family fall apart.  It adds to our stress even as we live here in the States.  Young women on my mom’s side of the family are always at risk of being raped or assaulted because of where they live in Guazapa.  In The United States people live so much more comfortable.  When people live a life that is comfortable they don’t think about the cruelty that other people suffer but when those people are your family it affects your heart and mind as well.


Violence is not the right way to go; gangsters are looking for family, love and company.  They are trying hard to fit in with society but people are scared of them, so they are acting now in a violent way. On the other hand there is still hope for them, there are people who are willing to help them out. Who wants to make them feel loved and appreciated, such is the case in Los Angeles.